Looking Back

This is a photo I restored a few years ago for a “milestone” surprise birthday party for my mom. It is from her teenage days, before she met my dad. Sometimes, I forget that she did have a life before she married my dad and had children. My sons probably think the same thing about me.

1974 Family Vacation

Here is a photo I restored from one of our family vacations. It was taken during the summer of 1974, and I am the cute little girl sitting on daddy’s lap. This was taken long before the youngest 2 of my 3 brothers were born.

My Hubby and His Dad

This is a restoration I did of a photo of my husband and his father. My father-in-law passed away when my husband was only 9 years old, so any memories I can restore are truly priceless.

My hubby

This is a restoration I did on a photo of my husband when he was around 3 years old. I love his curly, blonde hair. His sister wanted a little sister and not another brother, so yes, she put him in a dress. I love you honey!

The in-laws

This is a photo restoration I did of a photo of my in-laws. Not sure when it was taken, but probably mid-to-late 1960s.

Restored photo of my dad

This is a photo of my dad when he was 5 or 6 that I restored and enlarged to an 8×10. Both my youngest brother and my youngest son, resemble my dad. They all have that same sweet, yet devilish, smile.  

Restored photo of my mother

This is a photo of my mother, her older sister, older brother, and the first of her younger brothers (there are 11 siblings in all). I restore this for one of my mom’s milestone birthdays.